Tracee Ellis Ross Made Her Own Red Carpet for the Emmys

As if our queen would settle for anything less.

The 72nd annual Emmy Awards are different this year for many reasons, starting with the fact that they’re nearly completely virtual. As a result, some celebrities are opting to wear pajamas for the awards, but others are dressing up and bringing glamour to the awards while they participate from their homes. Notably: Tracee Ellis Ross. But not only did the Black-ish star bring her fashion A-game, but she also made her own dam red carpet, too.

Because of social distancing efforts, the red carpet was canceled this year, but Ross wasn’t going to let that stop her from showing off her gold Alexandre Vauthier the way it deserved. “How fun to get dressed up! Can’t say I miss the frenetic energy of the red carpet or wearing high heels, but boy do I miss a pretty dress!!” the actress wrote on her Instagram page before calling her DIY red carpet “janky—but fun!”

In the video, she exclaims that one cannot skip the carpet while people behind the camera jokingly ask her to give them different poses, as if she were on a traditional red carpet.

“How do you feel about your chances tonight?” asked one off-camera voice while another asked her what she was wearing.

In traditional Tracee Ellis Ross style, she exuded a free and loving spirit as she twirled on her short red carpet: I just got off the couch and flung myself over here!

Now, where can we get a red carpet for ourselves?

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