Meghan Trainor “Can’t Walk” After Sex with “Big Boy” Husband

“I wish I could make Daryl smaller,” said the Grammy-winning singer.

Meghan Trainor has a bone to pick with her “big boy” husband — literally. During a recent episode of her Workin’ On It podcast, the “All About That Bass” singer shared with listeners that she’s been suffering from “p*ssy anxiety” due to all the “painful” sex she and Daryl Sabara have.

“My husband is a big boy,” Trainor said of the Spy Kids star. “My p*ssy is broken, though. I have p*ssy anxiety.”

“Yours is little and his is big, is that what’s happening?” influencer and podcast guest Trisha Paytas asked, to which Trainor affirmed and noted she often has to ask Sabara if it’s “all in” during penetrative sex.

“To the point where I’m like ‘Is it all in?’ and he’s like, ‘Just the tip,'” Trainor said. “And I’m like, ‘I can’t do anymore.’ I don’t know how to fix that.”

If it were up to her, Trainor would exchange her husband’s part for a smaller one. “I wish I could make Daryl smaller. It’s painful, dude,” she told Paytas.

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The pain got to be so much that Trainor sought out medical advice. After speaking with a doctor, she learned that vaginismus was actually the culprit behind her pain. According to Mayo Clinic, vaginismus is the“involuntary spasms of the muscles of the vaginal wall.”

“I was told I have something called vaginismus,” Trainor explained. “I thought that every woman walking around was always in pain during and after sex. I was like, ‘Doc, are you telling me that I could have sex and not feel a single bit of pain?’”

Following the birth of their first child, Riley, Trainor said she didn’t “even consider having sex” with her husband for a long time. The pop icon then praised Sabara for being a “saint” about it all. But still, she fears sexy time sometimes.

Trainor said the pain was heightened when she and Sabara were trying for baby number two.

“As he would penetrate, I would be like, ‘Ow, ow, ow,” like to the point when I was making this baby, I had to ice myself after,” she recalled. “And we’re not crazy. I’m a starfish. I go, ‘Get it done.’ We’re having fun, it’s great. Get it done. And then I’m icing myself and I go, ‘There’s gotta be another way.'”

Even after trying “every angle” Trainor hasn’t found a position that’s pain-free. “I’m like, ‘Daryl, I have to work today, and I can’t walk,’” she quipped.

Nevertheless, Trainor is determined to improve their sex life.

“I’m gonna figure it out,” she said. “I’m gonna be a star at sex.”

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