“Drunk” Morgan Wallen “Couldn’t Walk” Before Canceled Show, Says Security Guard

The country singer and security company deny he had to be taken from the venue by ambulance.

The plot thickens. After Morgan Wallen canceled his Sunday night show at the Ole Miss stadium in Oxford, Mississippi, a video surfaced on TikTok of a security officer claiming he knew the real reason why the country star called off his performance.

On Sunday night, 60,000 country music fans swarmed Ole Miss football stadium to attend Wallen’s first ever headlining tour — and the first concert to ever be held at the arena.

The night was going as planned with openers Hardy, Ernest, and Nate Smith finishing their sets when out of nowhere, stage screens illuminated with a message from the Wallen’s team.

“Ladies & gentlemen, unfortunately Morgan has lost his voice and is unable to perform tonight – therefore tonight’s show has been cancelled,” the prompter read, per Page Six. “Please make your way safely to the stadium exits. Refunds for tonights [sic] event will be available at point of purchase.”

According to one of the venue’s security guards, Wallen’s strained vocal chords are a cover up for something else.

“Losing his voice? That’s bull crap,” the unnamed officer told concert goers, who later uploaded their filmed conversation to TikTok. The officer continued that Wallen was “too drunk” and was escorted off the premises in an “ambulance.”

Wallen’s label immediately denied the claim, noting “every detail was false” and made up “for a reaction.”

“A hired employee of BEST Crowd Management made false claims as it related to last night’s Morgan Wallen concert and we do not stand behind the detail in his statement. Please refer to Morgan’s social media pages for details,” the security company handling the event wrote on its Instagram Story, per Page Six.

Big Loud CEO Seth England shared the message to his Story as well, adding, “Thank you @bestcrowdmanagement for correcting your employee, who made up an entire story that was nowhere close to true. Every detail was false. Laughable what some people will just say for a reaction… Don’t Believe Everything You Read.”

Wallen has not posted on his Instagram aside from a written apology on his Story shortly after his canceled show. This is not the first time the singer has made headlines. Back in February, the “Whiskey Glasses” star was caught on camera using a racial slur.

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