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As the biggest generation in U.S. history, and one that’s hitting our prime despite a ton of challenges, we deserve a positive, motivating, and empowering place to share our stories and learn from one another. Whether you’re a 30-something bride, buying your first house, having your second kid, managing a demanding career, running your own business, taking care of your parents, or working hard to stay healthy, fight aging, and feel beautiful and strong in your own body/mind… just know, you’ve got a lot going on.

This is your space to come to be uplifted. Feel seen. And celebrate the happy moments of life.

How We Do It

Our editorial staff is industry veterans with extensive resumes in journalism, news reporting, and publishing. We are committed to upholding the highest ethics and standards in journalism, and operate independently from our advertisers and/or outside influences.

Our team is committed to research, expertise, data, and authority, and we reflect that in our content by enforcing strict editorial guidelines to make sure what you’re reading on our site is accurate, timely, and medically sound. We conduct our own original reporting and exclusively source internationally recognized news outlets, academic journals, research institutions, and peer-reviewed studies in our stories.

Our Ethics and Fact-Checking Policies

Our content is fact-checked by a team of veteran journalists and a team of credentialed experts regularly contribute to our stories.

When doing their research for articles, our editorial team and network of contributors exclusively cite and/or interview direct and primary sources (i.e. academic studies, peer-reviewed research, or interviews with licensed medical professionals). Links to these sources are included in our articles and clearly stated so that readers can easily verify their credibility.

Our Corrections Policy

We empower you to confidently make the right lifestyle choices by checking the factual accuracy of the articles published on our site. In order to supply the most reputable and up-to-date information (no fake news here!), we strictly cite primary sources, which are stated and linked clearly in our articles on-site. In cases of developing news, we reach out directly to companies, brands, and/or press contacts for comment and note that in our coverage.

We are committed to upholding the highest ethics and standards in journalism and strive to give you only the most up-to-date information. In the event that an article is published with erroneous information, we immediately instate a correction, adding a clear and transparent statement to the article acknowledging what was updated. We regularly check our email inboxes for suggested improvements from experts and readers.

Who We Are

David Zinczenko

Founder and CEO of Galvanized Media

Dave Zinczenko is internationally recognized as the No. 1 leading voice in diet, health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss. He is the New York Times bestselling author of 25 books in 15 languages, with more than 10 million books in print.

Dave created the Eat This, Not That! series and the Zero Belly Diet franchise, as well as The Abs Diet series and The 8-Hour Diet. He is the Nutrition and Wellness Contributor for NBC’s Today Show, and he has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, 20/20, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and Dr. Oz.

Dave’s brands have changed the way the world eats—and have helped millions of men and women lose weight, sometimes up to 70 pounds or more.

His franchise Zero Belly Diet has spawned three bestsellers, Zero Belly Cookbook, Zero Belly Smoothies, and Zero Belly Breakfasts that have helped thousands lose weight and look, feel and live better than ever. His following book, The Zero Sugar Diet, shows you how giving up added sugars will melt fat and guarantee your happiest and healthiest life.

Formerly the Editorial Director of Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention, the General Manager of Rodale Books, and the Editorial Director of Men’s Fitness, Zinczenko grew up in Bethlehem, PA, where he’s in the Hall of Fame, and attended Moravian College, home of The Zinczenko Center for New Media.

Faye Brennan

Chief Content Officer of Galvanized Media

Faye is the Chief Content Officer at Galvanized Media, leading content strategy, development, and innovation for HelloGiggles, Eat This, Not That!, Best Life, and future brands at the company. She previously served two years as the Editor-in-Chief of Eat This, Not That!, overseeing all digital content. Prior to joining Galvanized, she was the Sex & Relationships Director at Cosmopolitan, Head of Sex & Dating at Elite Daily, and Senior Editor at Women’s Health, where she covered health, food, fitness, and relationships. Her prior editorial experience includes Whalebone magazine,,, and more national titles. She’s hosted a national podcast (“Single, Swipe, Repeat”) and several original video series, and has appeared as a guest on Fox & Friends, Pix11, Bold TV, Evine, BetterTV, and national radio programs.

Ownership Information

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