ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" - Season Three
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

After four turns as part of the Bachelor franchise, Nick Viall has revealed that his next project will be a beauty brand, and we have to say — we’re not super surprised.

Before you start picturing Nick swatching lipsticks and blending BB creams, though, know this: The current Bachelor frontman is launching a beauty line for men.

The grooming line, called The Polished Gent, has yet to launch, but on its website is a message from Viall that reads, “Since my mid-twenties I have put more time than I would like to admit into keeping a youthful appearance. Most of that time was spent just buying random products hoping some of them might actually work!”

So while it’s unclear whether he’ll be specially formulating new products himself, or just curating a line of brands he loves, Viall is clearly ready to jump head-first into the beauty game when his latest Bachelor run — and his turn on Dancing With the Stars — wrap up.

The line will include hair and facial products, which Viall says keep his 36-year-old face looking young.

“While the season’s been airing, I’ve been launching a business with me and two other business partners,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “[I’ve been] focusing a lot of my attention on that.”

Good looking out, Nick! We’re very curious to see what you come up with.