Derek Zoolander is starring in his very first “Vogue” cover

The modeling dream is to land a coveted Vogue cover, and for the one and only Derek Zoolander, that dream has finally come true. Ahead of the highly anticipated, and sure to be hilarious, Zoolander 2, his beautiful mug graces the IRL cover of the fashion magazine.

He’s joined by new co-star Penelope Cruz, so at least he’s learned to share the spotlight, even just a little bit. Bottom line, everything about this is so hot right now.

The cover image, and accompanying magazine spread, shows our boy Zoolander at his best. Time has not aged him; he looks like he just walked off the runway in 2001.

The movie opens next month, and in the meantime, you can check out all the beautiful Zoolander pictures here. Then, get back to perfecting your own Blue Steel in the mirror.

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[Image via Paramount Pictures and Twitter]