Zoolander just set the Guinness World Record for longest selfie stick, because of course he did

The stunts keep coming on the release tour for Zoolander 2. Not content with just a cameo as Barbie’s best friend, a fashion-week runway walk, or a spot on SNL, Derek Zoolander had to one up himself one more time by winning a Guinness World Record.

The world record attempt, held at the London premiere for the film, was a perfect fit for the beautiful male model- Use of the Longest Selfie Stick. Guinness World Records reports that Ben Stiller snapped up the title by using a somewhat precariously constructed selfie stick that measured 28 ft and a critical 1 inch. For the record, Stiller had to meet two criteria: that the stick be shown to have the basic functionality of a regular selfie stick, and that a selfie be taken with the stick.

Thus, over the blue carpet at the premier (blue, of course, in honor of Derek Zoolander’s patented “blue steel” look) Stiller held the swaying stick and snapped a photo for the ages:

Luckily, Guinness World Records was notified of the event and had an official adjudicator, Mark McKinley, nearby to ensure that Stiller’s attempt checked all the required boxes. The stick, which was reportedly constructed from an extendable window washing pole, swayed in the London evening air, but performed its job admirably.

After the successful selfie, Stiller- I’m sorry, I mean Zoolander- was presented with an official certificate noting the world record. Of course, the publicity stunt may seem like an easy trick, but even Stiller admitted there was some risk involved.

And no kidding- that’s both Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson right in the front. If that stick had fallen on them, it risked damaging Hollywood permanently.