Zoolander and Hansel critiquing presidential candidate fashion is too hilarious

In the wake of the Iowa, um, “couscous,” there’s been a lot of analysis and political breakdown, but this may be our favorite. It was a dynamite evening on Saturday Night Live to begin with, what with a hosting double helping of Larry David and his current muse, Bernie Sanders. But one of the highlights came during SNL’s Weekend Update, where  Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, in character as Derek Zoolander and Hansel, stopped by to talk about “the one thing everyone wants to hear male models talk about…politics.”

The dynamic duo showed up to help Colin Jost understand the importance of fashion on the campaign trail by critiquing several candidates on their look (none of which could truly measure up to Blue Steel, of course.)

Of Hillary’s suits, they were enthusiastic. “Well, you know, Hillary’s from the 90s, which are very hot right now,” Hansel explained. Zoolander added that her style reminded him of one of his fashion icons, “Kim Jong Un.”

For her competitor, Senator Bernie Sanders, the two had nothing but contempt, however. “Bernie is a champion of the 99%…apparently, the 99% off at JC Penny.” Hansel also warned young voters about the dangers of voting with a rambling story about attempting to vote while very, very drunk.

On the flip side of the aisle, they were devastated by the downfall of their former hero, Tom Cruise. “Makes me want to keep my Eyes Wide Shut,” Hansel mugged, before being corrected by Colin Jost. “Guys, that’s not Tom Cruise, that’s Ted Cruz, with a “Z,” he explained. “Zed Cruise?!” Zoolander responded. “That’s not even a name!”

Of course, we won’t give away all of the hilarious joking. For Hansel and Zoolander’s thoughts on Donald Trump, you’ll simply have to watch the clip. We think it’s pretty clear, however, that Zoolander’s Blue Steel won’t be challenged any time soon, even if the Trumpster is making some progress on developing his own signature looks.

Check out the full video below, and try to decide which of Trump’s looks are your favorite.

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