Zoolander just taught Barbie how to do “Blue Steel”

Look, Barbs, we gotta talk. Sure you’re an astronaut, a doctor, and have been style maven for decades, but that expression- is it truly selfie worthy? We get it, we understand, this is new technology to someone born in the 1950s.  Luckily, everyone’s favorite doll got a little help on her Instagramming this week, thanks to an incredible visit by the silliest/most wonderful male model in the world, Derek Zoolander!

We’re not even kidding a little bit, guys. As part of the hilariously outside-the-box marketing campaign for the upcoming release of Zoolander 2, Zoolander himself has shown up on Barbie’s official Instagram for the last few days (Of course Barbie has an Instagram account, why are we even surprised?)

During their time together, they’ve taken important meetings at Hollywood landmarks:

They’ve run into a few good friends…

And they’ve even worked on teaching Barbie “Blue Steel.”

There have also been hilarious appearances by Kristin Wiig’s character and possible new-movie bad guy, Alexyana, a kind of un-fun looking beach trip where Derek taught Barbie to protect her “epi-permis” and the crowning jewel- a runway walk-off with an apparently thrilled Ken.

At this point, the marketing campaign for Zoolander 2 has been so entertaining, the movie practically feels like a bonus. No word if Barbie will be making a cameo in the film, but it’s only natural to assume that people this really, really ridiculously good-looking run together.

Zoolander 2 opens nationwide on February 12th, and features Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Farrell, and just about everyone else in Hollywood. Huzzah!

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