We’re so excited for Zooey Deschanel’s “Your Food’s Roots” series — here’s a first look

Every time our very own Zooey Deschanel announces a new project, we know we’re going to be better for it. Whether she’s acting, singing, or simply being herself, Zooey acts as a human ray of sunshine, lighting up our lives and reminding us that there is good in this world. And now? Zooey is adding another credit to her resume (and our lives) by working on Your Food’s Roots, a series that aims to make us more mindful consumers.

The series, which is a collaboration between Zooey and husband Jacob Pechenik’s new initiative (The Farm Project) and ATTN Media, will focus on a topic that holds weight for them both: reconnecting people with the food they consume.


Specifically, the series will educate viewers on sustainable living, a lifestyle that puts less stress on earth’s natural resources. One’s diet is a significant part of this, since the food industry relies heavily on farms for production. With this in mind, Your Food’s Roots aims to remind us of where our food comes from and, consequently, of how that affects our bodies and our world as a whole.

The Farm Project, the organization behind Your Food’s Roots, explains,

"At no point in our history have we known less about the food we eat — industrialized processes have shifted production out of sight and out of mind. The Farm Project will change that — incubating and investing in intiatives that create more ‘knowers’ and ‘growers’ by reconnecting people and food through experiences."

As for Zooey’s role in the series, she will be journeying to learn more about where our food comes from by talking sustainability with those who understand the food industry from the inside out. In turn, viewers will get an up-close and personal look at the food we put into our bodies, as we witness how what we eat also affects the earth.

We cannot wait to learn (and see!) more.

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