“New Girl” is airing an election episode TONIGHT, and we’re super excited for Zooey Deschanel’s Donald Trump impersonation

In case you need a break from Monday night’s serious debate coverage and want an entertaining spin on the election, look no further than Tuesday’s (aka, tonight’s!) election episode of New Girl where Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Cece (Hannah Simone) combine their girl power to campaign for Hillary Clinton even though their loftmate Schmidt (Max Greenfield) isn’t exactly “with her.”


In an episode sneak peak, Schmidt challenges Cece and Jess to get five new voters. If they do, he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton, but if they don’t the duo will have to vote for someone, well, a little unexpected (hint: it’s not Trump).

While this healthy roommate rivalry is taking place, we’ll be eagerly looking out for Jess’ Donald Trump impersonation which showrunner Liz Meriwether says is pretty spot-on.


New Girl isn’t the only TV show tackling the election using comedy. After 10 years off the air, a nine-minute scene from Will & Grace was uploaded to Youtube Monday. In it, Will and Grace try to explain to Jack and Karen why they shouldn’t vote Trump.

Despite the political nature of the New Girl election episode, Meriwether tells Entertainment Weekly that the episode isn’t meant to push a specific agenda and instead aims to show how something as complex and as a presidential election can have a real and often humorous impact on regular people.

Meriwhether says, "...I think this election, it’s really important that young people vote, and I think we have a lot of fans in that demographic. It also felt really important to Jess. It just felt right for her character that she believes in democracy and in the power of a vote, and then similarly, I found it really funny that Schmidt gets completely disillusioned with democracy and thinks it’s just all about money and lobbyists and stuff like that. So definitely, getting people to get out the vote and just trying to help, especially young women getting out the vote, felt right to us…"

Despite your political leanings or beliefs, you have to admit that New Girl + Hillary Clinton = a lot of girl power.

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