Zooey Deschanel’s ugly Christmas sweater is one we imagine her “Elf” character would love

Tyler Oakley’s new online series, The Tyler Oakley Show, has been an adorable platform for celebs to show off their quirky sides and it seems like Oakley has found his match in queen of all things cuteness, Zooey Deschanel. The New Girl actress stopped by the show to promote her new She & Him holiday album Christmas Party and it’s the most magically quirky event you’ll see on the internet all day.

Oakley and Deschanel talked about social media, played a game of compliment wars, and even made ugly christmas sweaters to celebrate her band’s new album.

Check out the video below:


Oakley and Deschanel talked about her social media break and made an Instagram story for the VERY first time! The duo also talked about New Girl, which is on its sixth season on FOX. Deschanel told Oakley about her experience with directing the first episode of the season. She said, “It was really fun! I had a great experience. I was really happy when I was directing and not acting but when I had to direct myself, that was when there were, like, blurred lines. I felt like, ‘Woah! I’m a director but I’m an actor!’”

They then moved on to decorate ugly Christmas sweaters, which were anything BUT ugly. The adorable sweaters looked perfect for the holiday season and were definitely something we could see Jovie, Deschanel’s Elf character wear.

Deschanel opened up to Oakley about the album and even revealed the most adorable fact about a track on the album. She said, “My baby plays jingle bells on the record. Yeah, my husband held her and then we gave her the jingle bells and she played it.”

We can’t wait to hear Christmas Party in time for the holidays and think Zooey needs to visit The Tyler Oakley Show again soon!

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