Zooey Deschanel says she doesn’t want Nick and Jess to end up together, and that sound you hear is our hearts shattering

After being one of the most popular will-they/won’t-they couples on television for years now, it seems like New Girl‘s Nick and Jess are finally in a good place. For years, fans have watched as the pair agonized over their feelings for one another, embarked on a failed relationship together, dated other people, and then continued to struggle with their feelings for each other.

But the Season 6 finale found Nick and Jess together again, and when the final season of the beloved series picks up three years in the future, the two are very much still together. All is well, right?

However, it seems there’s one person not rooting for Nick and Jess to end up together: Jessica Day, herself.

Zooey Deschanel recently revealed to Bustle that she doesn’t actually think Nick and Jess should be together when the series comes to a close. While many fans are pushing for Nick and Jess to get engaged during the final season (and thanks to previews, we know the idea is weighing on Nick’s mind), Deschanel said she’d want New Girl to leave Nick and Jess’s future ambiguous.

"Honestly, no," Deschanel said, when asked whether she wants Nick and Jess to be together in the finale. "I thought that it could have been cool to have a really sad, well not [a] sad ending, but more melancholy. Because why not? But I also love a romantic comedy and seeing people end up together, but if you're asking me personally, I like to leave people guessing with an ambiguous ending."

While Deschanel may not be convinced Nick and Jess will be together in the end, last year Jake Johnson revealed on Twitter that he believes the pair are endgame.

Whether or not the beloved couple does wind up together remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Their future will be at the center of the final season. Deschanel told Bustle that while the time jump has brought the rest of the group forward — Cece and Schmidt are now parents and Winston is engaged to Aly — Nick and Jess are at a bit of a standstill.

Deschanel said, “Nick and Jess are heading toward a possible commitment for the future. That’s what this season is about. Everyone else has moved on their lives and Nick and Jess are still hanging in that will-they-won’t-they. They’re still dangling after all this time. So this season is really about Nick and Jess and their relationship.”

As much as we agree that sometimes an open-ended finale is the best way to go, we think fans would be devastated if the finale didn’t show the couple finding happiness together.

The final season of New Girl premieres tonight on Fox!