Zooey Deschanel Is Reminding You That Summer Is *Not* the Villain of ‘500 Days of Summer’

Naysayers, are you projecting or are you projecting?

500 Days of Summer is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year and in streaming news we absolutely needed to hear, it’s now available to watch on Hulu. Before you queue up your karaoke machine and start jumping on your couch while singing along to “Here Comes Your Man” just yet (because same), you should know that Zooey Deschanel, aka Summer, is using this opportunity to once again remind you—say it with us —”Summer isn’t the villain!”

The actress shared the streaming announcement alongside a photo gallery featuring a few of the most iconic scenes from the 2009 movie. She wrote on Instagram, “500 Days of Summer is now available to watch on @hulu! So taking the time now to say once again, Summer isn’t the villain. Happy watching,” punctuated with an exclamation point and sun emoji.

As if we’d expect anything less, Deschanel’s caption brought all the Tom versus Summer fans out of the woodwork, to rehash the old debate over who really was the villain. 

Deschanel’s comment section was blowing up like a boxing ring. Up first, one commenter typed, “ZOOEY LMAO [facts] tho summer is NOT the villain of that movie.” Disagreeing, another countered back, “There are no villains in this movie.”

Meanwhile, one follower said, “This movie made me so glad my name is Autumn lol.” One person even admitted to using 500 Days of Summer as a dating tiebreaker, “this is the movie I watch with men and if they think summers the villain, it’s a no from me.”

The movie is open to interpretation (depends on who you ask), but just know both Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom) have already agreed that Summer,  in fact, is not the villain. Watch 500 Days of Summer on Hulu and decide for yourself! 

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