6 adorable zoo animals playing with pumpkins for some Halloween cheer

October has been pretty dang stressful this year. Natural disasters, election fatigue, and daily headlines reminding society we’re doomed have combined to make all of us feel like everything sucks butts. We need a break. Something to take us out of our funk and back on the dance floor. Well, these adorable zoo animals playing with pumpkins might just do the trick!

Two separate studies published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that being near a pet or owning a pet can greatly reduce stress, boost confidence, and even help you reach your goals. If the pumpkins weren’t a good enough reason to visit these animals, knowing these health benefits might be just the thing to push you over the edge.

And now, without further ado, those animals playing with pumpkins:


If you were a fan of the show Zoboomafoo growing up, lemurs bring you nothing but joyful thoughts.


Can you feel the stress leaving your body? It’s like a weight is being lifted off of our shoulders and happy thoughts permeate your brain. Cute, darling animals, playing with a seasonal favorite. Why can’t the whole world just be moments like this?


Let’s not forget the powerful bears in this equation. While honey might be everyone’s favorite snack choice, a little pumpkin here and there wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Being nocturnal doesn’t stop these guys from making the most of the spooky holiday coming up. If anything, they are experiencing a holiday that celebrates their uniqueness.





If you thought things couldn’t get any cuter — you were wrong. These creatures might be known for eating bamboo, but they are here to play with an American favorite.




Majestic. Tall. Graceful. These guys make being tall look cool, and for that, we all thank them. Hopefully, this treat makes them feel as great as they make us feel.