Zombies are about to take over Portland. Just a heads up.

Hey, all you fantastic Pacific Northwesterners! What are you doing this labor day weekend? Because the Portland Film Festival is celebrating its fourth year running with movie premieres, Q&As, guest speakers and… zombies? Yup, you read that correctly: September 7th is Zombie Day in Portland.

George C. Romero, son of the Night of the Living Dead director, is enlisting local zombie fans to be extras in his short film Zombie Day Apocalypse. Why? He’s vying for the Guinness World Record “Most Extras in a Short Film.” And it’s up to you to help him, in full zombie garb! What better time to round up zombie movie lovers than at an independent film festival?

Per the Zombie Day website, you can sign up to play the role of Fleeing Citizen or DIY Zombie. For a small price, you can bump either of those titles up to Featured Extra. You can also donate to become a Featured Crew Member, Supporter, Associate Producer and Producer.

“Zombie Day Apocalypse perfectly captures the renegade spirit and vision of the Portland Film Festival,” says Josh Leake, the festival’s founder. “I invite all zombie lovers, cinema fans, and filmmakers from around the world to join us in creating an unforgettable zombie film experience this Labor day.”

Achieving the look of the living dead isn’t easy. There’s that pale gray base to replicate, plus fake blood and open wounds. Not to mention the stains and smatters you need on your clothes! According to Entertainment Weekly, makeup artists from The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner will be on hand to help oversee things in the gore department.

Thousands are expected to attend the event. In addition to being an extra and helping set a world record, there will also be a late-night graveyard screening. Spooky! If you’ll be in the Portland area, you can (and should) sign up to attend Zombie Day here. Take pics!


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[Image via Zombieland]