The trailer for the latest Disney Channel Original movie is here, and it’s like an undead “High School Musical” — because “Zombies”

We love a good DCOM, and this one looks especially fantastic. Disney Channel’s new original movie Zombies is another high school flick, and WE’RE SO PUMPED FOR ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL DCOM. But these aren’t just any high schoolers: The twist here is, obviously, that some are zombies.

An outbreak of green mist (?!) turns part of the population into zombies. Electromagnetic technology keeps them calm and prevents them from that pesky desire to, y’know, eat brains. Now that they’re more or less people again, a group of zombie kids is reintegrated into the human school system.

We’re sure what follows is DRAMATIC and filled with FORBIDDEN LOVE and SECRET FRIENDSHIPS.

Of course, it’ll all end happily ever after, and we’re so here for it. We’re also here for the totally iZombie-esque animations that open the trailer, because it makes us feel like Zombies is the family-friendly little sibling of one of our favorite shows.

The other thing about the trailer that really tickles us is that there seems to be a bit of a culture surrounding the undead — as in, there’s “zombie apparel.” We totally love the idea that Zombietown has its own unique zombie style! And we totally want to have zombie apparel of our own. (Disney, hook us up!)

Oh, and let’s not forget the singing and dancing, which is giving us *all* the HSM feels.

Check out the full trailer below.

Listen, we know that this movie is targeted at tweens, but we — full-blown adults — are incredibly excited for this movie. And like the students of this school who will no doubt come together to accept one another as they are, we hope you can accept and embrace our eternal love for DCOMs.

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