The “Zombies” cast and crew can’t stop gushing about Trevor Tordjman, so say hi to your new Zac Efron

Disney Channel’s latest original movie, Zombies, has yet to make its debut, but from what the team behind the new DCOM has to say, you’re going to be OBSESSED with standout star Trevor Tordjman.

Tordjman plays cheer captain Bucky in Zombies, and the movie tells a story of forbidden love between human cheerleader Addison (Meg Donnelly) and zombie footballer Zed (Milo Manheim). In addition to running the cheer squad Addison so desperately wants to be part of, Bucky is also Addison’s cousin and he’s NOT shipping #AddiZed, but like, LET THESE KIDS LOVE, BUCKY.

Despite trying to keep Addison and Zed apart, Bucky (and Tordjman) is still THE BEST.

He’s hilarious with his massively inflated ego, and delivers too many amazing one liners to count; and, he’s got *phenomenal* cheer moves that’ll leave you awestruck. Tordjman — who’s building up his credits, some of which include TV series Lost & Found Music Studios and The Next Step — apparently has dance and cheer talent for days too, because Zombies choreographer Chris Scott couldn’t stop singing his praises.

"It was like a dream come true. This kid was one of the best flippers we had, even after we hired the cheer team," Scott told HelloGiggles. "He was just incredibly experienced with tumbling. It was amazing. Normally, we're looking for stunt doubles and dance doubles, but for this movie, we really pushed the actors to do it, and it was really incredible."

Manheim echoed, when asked who was the best dancer and who was the worst. “Are you trying to get me in trouble? The best dancer without a doubt is Trevor, because he has so much training and he does it every day. The worst dancer was me. I was always the last one to catch on to dance routines and when I did catch on, I never had the precision the other actors had.”

While we have *serious* doubts about Manheim being the worst — because, hi, we’ve seen clips of “BAMM” — we also can’t stop geeking out over Tordjman, and wouldn’t be surprised if one day he’s killing the game, Zac Efron-style, and we’re like, “We remember him from his Disney Channel days!” It’s really only a matter of time before you come to that realization, too.

Zombies premieres on Disney Channel tonight, so if you haven’t already, cancel any and all other plans. You can thank us later.