Zoey Deutch’s sheer, embellished white dress makes her look like the coolest bride you know

While a celebrity might not be anywhere close to an altar, they can still inspire brides-to-be. Case in point: Zoey Deutch’s sheer, embellished white dress makes her look like the coolest bride you know. So if you’ve been searching for a style to rock on your big day, this might be the look for you.

Zoey, along with fellow celebs such as Janelle Monae, Mandy Moore, Emily Ratajkowski, and Aja Naomi King, showed up for Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces event looking stunning. But it was Zoey’s detailed white dress that stood out. In a sea of colorful patterns and textures, her one-tone dress popped.


Check out all of the embellishments.


This dress is obviously stunning. But you can get the full scope of the details by seeing it in a more natural light.


Just look at that! Sheer paneling, lace, AND delicate embroidery. It must have taken so many hours to put this dress together. Obviously, the amazing cut of the dress and how it sits on Zoey Deutch’s body is all part of the final product. Even the shoes mirror her dress by being a bit see-through.

Minimal makeup goes well with the look.

In close-up photos of Zoey Deutch, the minimal makeup and peachy colors are both fresh and very bridal.


Her hair falls in soft waves to frame her face, and the peachy pinks of her lips and eyes really work well with the dress. It’s natural, soft and totally Pinterest-worthy.

If you are looking for a wedding dress option that is a little outside of the box, this might just be the embellished white dress of your dreams. Of course, if you wanted to rock another iconic look at your wedding, Zoey has more options.

With summer around the corner, keep an eye out for more amazing dresses on the red carpet.