10 years later, we finally got some major closure about ‘Zoey 101’

Here’s a 10 year TV reunion we did not see coming. Actually, we completely forgot about this event 10 years in the making, and now it’s giving us so many mid-2000s feels. Ready to revisit Pacific Coast Academy and the love life of Zoey Brooks, and her adorable BFF/BF Chase? Good. Because here’s the Zoe 101 update we didn’t know we REALLY NEEDED in our lives until right now.

In the Season 2 episode of Zoey 101, “Time Capsule” Zoey buries a DVD. On it, she talks about all her friends, and what they mean to her. They’re supposed to dig it up in 20 years, but that seems so far away. So, Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister to Britney) tells Chase (Sean Flynn) that she’ll tell him what she said in 10 years. This episode aired on September 18, 2015. AND TEN YEARS LATER TO THE DAY, the DVD was unearthed again. How do we know this? Because Nickelodeon just dropped an amazing mini-Zoey 101 video on us, and we’re finally going to learn Zoey’s feelings for Chase!!

OK, we do actually know that the two have mutual feelings for each other, since they started dating for real during Season 4. But this time capsule is important, because it will prove that she’s had feelings for him all along.

Picking up in present day, we’ve got Chase about to propose to some other girl, but before he can finish, excited Michael (Christopher Massey) rushes in with the BIG time capsule news. He flew to California, rented a shovel, and dug up the DVD. Chase is ready to watch it… except that no one’s got a DVD player on hand. Luckily, Michael already watched it and wrote down everything Zoey said (convenient, right?). Turns out, Zoey thought, even back then, that Chase might be her soulmate. Obviously, Chase has gotta go find Zoey and talk to her about this.

So what does Zoey have to say to Chase about this? Don’t know. Instead we’ve got a big “to be continued.” But this only means that we’re getting MORE Zoey 101 in the near future. Hey, we’ve waited 10 years for this already. Waiting a little bit longer shouldn’t hurt.

In the meantime, check out the glorious Chase and Michael reunion below. Pull our your TekMake phone and text all your friends about this right now.

(Image via Nickelodeon.)