Zoella is speaking out about ridiculous cheating rumors: “Boys and girls CAN just be friends”

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, the beauty vlogger we love to love, recently defended male-female friendships. ICYMI, Zoella is speaking out about ridiculous cheating rumors, reported Seventeen, reminding everyone, “Boys and girls CAN just be friends.” Yup. Exactly. As you probably know, different people have different thoughts on friendship. While some people think you can’t you be friends with someone of the gender you’re attracted to, others think it’s nbd.

Where did the cheating accusations even come from?

An Instagram photo Zoella posted, which we’ll get to in a second. But first, the backstory. She’s been dating fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes for the last couple of years. Just look how cute they are together.

As far as the cheating rumors, they began after the beauty vlogger posted this picture on Instagram.

As you can see, Zoella’s boyfriend is by the window, not next to her. Instead, Mark Ferris is next to Zoella — and he’s friends with them both. The comments then flooded in — and Zoella responded.

“I’m so disappointed with so many comments in this photo,” she wrote. “Mark is my friend. That’s it. He’s also Alfie’s friend. It makes me sad that if he had a vagina you’d probably feel differently. Boys and girls CAN just be friends without any other feelings.”

Hear, hear!

Zoella then went on to explain the seating arrangement and why she was next to Mark.

“I sat next to him on the plane because we were both watching Gavin and Stacy on my MacBook & Alfie wanted to edit,” she wrote. “Not that I should even have to justify it, I might have just wanted to sit next to my friend. Enough of this now guys! Please ?”

Yes, we couldn’t agree more. Let’s all focus on the facts — like her beauty vlogs and Zoella’s new line of super cute cosmetics at Target. Speaking of which, brb, we have some shopping to do.