Zoe Saldana believes having a vagina means “your life is limited”

Actress Zoe Saldana is honesty personified. We say that because she’s not afraid to speak out about anything and everything – especially when her words have the potential to make a difference. This is especially the case when it comes to Zoe’s experiences with sexism in Hollywood.

Even in space, it’s, ‘Oh, I’m just going to stand here all day while the guys have all the funny lines?‘” Saldana told Bustle, referring to the fact that she’s acted in intergalactic films such as Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy. “It’s tiring and boring. It’s so one-dimensional.

Though Zoe has worked with men she describes as “amazing,” that hasn’t stopped her from feeling that she’s underrepresented and not being heard on set. Specifically, she stated,

“When you’re born, and if you have a vagina, your life is limited.”

To combat such a bleak problem, Zoe believes that women need to focus on supporting other women. If we see a woman in a position of power in a movie or on TV, we should watch them, support them, and enjoy their storytelling. This is especially necessary because studios focus on their numbers and if they see women performing well, they will continue to fight for empowered female characters in the future.

In addition to supporting women, Zoe believes it’s incredibly important for people to speak up when they witness an injustice such as Hollywood’s sexism. After all, how can we ever expect things to change if we don’t use our voices to communicate that something is wrong?

Zoe herself stated that standing up and making change happen is a key part of her outlook on life.

We have to bring more equality for women into the workforce, and in our communities, and in culture. We have to raise better men,stated Saldana. “We have to be the creators of positions of power that will then in turn create better opportunities for women.

Ultimately, the actress beautifully concluded by revealing:

I’m going to make better choices in my career, in choosing roles I want women to follow.

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