The sexist reason why Zoe Saldana was hired in a movie

It’s no secret that Hollywood always finds really gross ways to be sexist, and unfortunately, even though we keep asking the entertainment industry as politely as we are able to quit it with their women problem (Hollywood? Do we have the right e-mail for you? Mailer Daemon keeps bouncing our messages back!) Hollywood still all too often acts in a manner most sexist.

Case in point, our beloved Zoe Saldana recently gave an interview with in which she explained how a nightmare of a producer once shut her down in a manner most misogynistic.

“That story is true. A producer once told me he hired me for the way I held a gun while wearing panties, not for my opinions. I wish I’d recorded it, so I could play it for every girl in elementary school and tell them never to let anybody treat them that way. ”

If it took you a second to process the grossness of that producer’s put-down, no worries, us too, that kind of degradation sends us reeling, and we’re only hearing about it second-hand.

We’re having a watershed moment right now. Women in film are talking a major stand against misogyny in the entertainment industry. From actresses speaking out (in addition to Saldana, Rose McGowan also recently called out sexism in casting) to women behind the camera shaming this type of behavior (see: the blog Sh*t People Say to Women Directors [and other Women in Film]). This appalling treatment of women working in film needs to be shut down, and we’re optimistic that the more women speak up about this, the more stigmatized this behavior will become, and the more the men engaging in these acts of sexism will realize the error of their ways, and once and for all, see the error of their ways.


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