Zoë Kravitz Got a Sleek Little Snake Tattoo That’s Actually Quite Pretty

She has more than 50 tattoos already.

Zoë Kravitz just added to her impressive tattoo collection, and simultaneously, her ultimate cool-girl aesthetic. According to Body Art Guru, the High Fidelity star had 55 tattoos on her body, making her latest addition lucky number 56. Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who has done a good chunk of Kravitz’s body art, revealed the star’s newest ink in an Instagram post earlier this week.

The post shows two black and white photos of Kravitz’s right forearm, showing off her new tattoo: a long, thin snake wrapped around an intricate anatomical human heart. The snake design is embellished with two delicate dots at the top and bottom, making it fit right in with one of Kravitz previous tattoos, which involves two hamsa hands.

Dr. Woo showed some gratitude for Kravitz, a longtime loyal customer, in his caption. “Thanks for the trust and support all these yearzzz??,” he wrote. “♥️ u homie,” Kravitz responded along with a snake emoji.

According to Body Art Guru’s detailed inventory of Kravitz’s body ink, this isn’t her first snake tattoo. The Big Little Lies actress has a similar snake design on her left forearm, making the tattoos almost mirrors of each other.

While some will surely try to dissect the meaning behind Kravitz’s snake designs, we’re just here to appreciate the art—and potentially use it as inspo for a spontaneous Memorial Day Weekend body modification of our own.

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