Zoë Kravitz chopped off her braids and is now sporting the perfect spring pixie cut

She’s at it again! Zoë Kravitz, that is — whose changing looks always inspire us. To put it simply, the actress, singer, and activist is a powerful woman who’s beautiful inside and out. (But you likely already knew that.)

Since we clearly admire Zoë, we couldn’t help but notice that the star took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at a pretty significant hair change. At the time, we didn’t know if she was adding color or just cutting her long magical braids, but this was clearly only a “part one” photo!

The post was super mysterious, as we couldn’t see anything but some snipped braids!


Now, Kravitz has revealed that she shed ALL of her platinum braids!


Zoë was at the hands of hairstylist Daniel Moon (@majormoonn) and Nikki Nelms (@nikkinelms). Nikki is a celeb stylist to regulars like Solange Knowles, and Daniel regularly gives Zoë lust-worthy locks. Remember that powder blue heart? Total swoon. The two are great at transformation. Moon is pretty much a hair art magician — the way he approaches cuts and dye jobs is like a painter to canvas.

It’s no wonder that Moon and Kravitz vibe well together, both are such great artists!


Zoë said goodbye to her iconic long braids and hello to the perfect pixie!


Ultimately, we are IN LOVE with style goddess Zoë Kravitz and her final lewk. ?

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