Zoë Kravitz caught that ‘Luke Cage’ shout out about her and her mom and she responded in the cutest way

We can’t get enough of Netflix’s Luke Cage, and apparently, Zoë Kravitz thinks it’s pretty awesome as well. The newest Netflix Original series was the perfect addition to their roster, and we’re all impressed with the writing. What do we mean exactly? Let’s just say the writers for Luke Cage have been killing us all with their epic pop culture references — including a hilarious one about Zoë Kravitz.


As reported by Brit+Co, episode four of Luke Cage gives an epic shout out to Zoë, and she is pretty stoked about it.

Spoiler alert: In one scene, Luke is catching up his friend on everything that happened while he was locked up. The friend is surprised to hear about Lisa Bonet (Zoë’s mom) having a daughter, and asks if she is as “hot” as her legendary mama.


Luke responds by comparing Zoë to The Godfather Part II — the sequel arguably better than the original. Zoë found the humor in the comment, and we think she responded like a champ!


After all, her mom IS Lisa Bonet — and you can’t get any more perfect than that.

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