Zoë Kravitz and Jimmy Fallon went head-to-head in a game of inflatable flip cup

Zoë Kravitz never had the college experience, but that doesn’t mean she can’t absolutely dominate at all those classic drinking games. She proved that Tuesday night on The Tonight Show when she soundly whipped Jimmy Fallon’s butt at flip cup while also wearing a large inflatable suit.

The two faced off in a game of inflatable flip cup, which is just like regular flip cup, except they looked hilarious. Despite the fact that these suits made them look like misshapen sumo wrestlers, they were still able to play the game with an impressive amount of skill.

Zoë Kravitz undoubtedly won, but we have to give Jimmy Fallon credit for being right behind her most of the game. At one moment, it was anyone’s guess who was going to land that final cup first.

Of course, this was less about who won and more about how ridiculous they looked, but we’re sure Zoë is still feeling pretty smug anyways.

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