Everyone needs to hear Zoë Kravitz’s powerful words about Hollywood’s diversity problem

Zoë Kravitz has been tearing up big-budget film world as of late. From her work in X-Men: First Class and the Divergent series to her recent role in Mad Max: Fury Road, Kravitz is all about kicking butt and taking names onscreen.

She’s also doing hero work offscreen by standing up and speaking out issues that matter. This year, she bravely opened up about her battle with eating disorders. She also spoke out about Hollywood’s diversity problem this summer when she revealed to Nylon magazine that she wasn’t allowed to audition for a small role in The Dark Knight Rises because the film-makers “weren’t going urban” with the role.

“It was like, ‘What does that have to do with anything?’” Kravitz pointed out. ” I have to play the role like, ‘Yo, what’s up, Batman? What’s going on wit chu?’”

In a recent interview with The Guardian, she called Hollywood out again on its diversity problem.

“I ask writers and producers: ‘Why don’t you have any black people in your film?’, ‘Why do stories happen to white people and everyone else is a punchline?’,” she says. “What I’m finding is that a lot of people don’t see it’s an issue because it’s not their story, unless they’re black or a minority.”

Kravitz also has problems with roles that are written for people of color, as there are often harmful stereotypes written into these roles.

“There are certain roles where I know what they are asking for,” Kravitz told The Guardian. “They want me to talk like I’m not an educated person. But if my character’s not educated, you have to tell me why. It can’t just be because I’m black.”

Kravitz pulls no punches with her words and we’re so glad. Representation is a huge issue in the entertainment industry, and there’s absolutely no need to sugarcoat the problem. We are so inspired by Zoë Kravitz


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