Zoë Kravitz just broke down why we were all obsessed with JTT in the ’90s

Looking back, it’s no secret that the ’90s ruled. Our VHS collections were top notch, Koosh balls kept us entertained, and Claudia Kishi was our style icon. Also, Home Improvement dominated television, which was good since we all had crushes on Jonathan Taylor Thomas — known best back then as JTT. Surely if you took a poll, you’d find that most of us taped photos of him to our bedroom walls.

As they do, our childhood crushes faded — but not due to anything that he, in particular, did. JTT was free from scandal, thus keeping up the wholesome vibe we got from him all along. But as the 2000s hit, we started seeing him less and less. In fact, it seems like his filmography — once packed with Christmas favorites like I’ll Be Home For Christmas — started looking a little slim. These days, he usually takes on bit parts, including a minor role in the recently cancelled Last Man Standing, which reunited him with TV dad Tim Allen.

Since celebrities are just like us, Zoë Kravitz — who also felt the mysterious appeal of JTT — figured out why we all had crushes on him. And it’s not because Home Improvement aired for eight seasons, thus giving us a lot of Randy Taylor. It’s something a little bit…fluffier.


In a hilarious photo montage, Kravitz pinpointed the fact that a ton of JTT’s photos included animals. Not only cats and dogs, but deer as well.

"This kid had a formula," Kravitz wrote.

It suddenly makes a lot more sense, as everything is more appealing when a baby animal is added to the mix. Just think about it.

We’re so glad that Kravitz cracked the case. And we’re pretty sure that if JTT is ever looking for another long-term television gig, all he has to do is upload some photos of himself holding some baby chicks, or perhaps a freshly born litter of puppies. We’ll be helpless to resist.

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