Zoë Kravitz had an epic reaction to Beyoncé dressing up as her mom Lisa Bonet

In honor of Beyoncé’s birthday on September 4th, Queen Bey’s website was updated to show off a few never-before-seen photos. One set of pics from Bey’s past was a photo shoot from Halloween 2018. Beyoncé dressed up as Lisa Bonet in the ’90s—top hat, mini sunglasses, and all—and even dressed twins Rumi and Sir both as Bonet’s daughter Zoë Kravitz. So, Kravitz had one question: “is @beyonce also my mom now or?”

On September 21st, Kravitz, who stars in HBO’s Big Little Lies, caught wind of Beyoncé’s Bonet cosplay and had to share some side-by-sides with her followers. Not only did Bey look completely spot-on as Lisa Bonet, but the twins are basically clones of ’90s-era baby Kravitz.

“I can’t….” Kravtiz captioned her first side-by-side Instagram. The actual ’90s-era photo she shared is one of her and both her parents, Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. “lololololol what is happening!!!” Kravtiz’s costar Shailene Woodley commented.

Um, yeah. We’re wondering the same thing. The comparison is truly uncanny.


And that was just the first post. Kravitz then shared another side-by-side comparison showing just how well Beyoncé pulled off her mom’s vintage look.

“seriously, @beyonce? am i your child toooo ???? ???????? yassss,” Kravtiz captioned her second post.


We can’t believe it almost took an entire year for us to see Beyoncé’s epic Lisa Bonet Halloween look. And this reveal has gotten us even more excited to see what Queen Bey comes up with for her Halloween costume this year.

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