The Bad Friendship Habits You Should Stop, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Tone down your emotions, Aries.

June 8th is National Best Friends Day.

Have you ever wanted to level up your friendships by becoming a better friend? While therapy is 100 percent an option, why not look to the stars to help tell you the bad friendship habits you should stop doing, based on your zodiac sign?

Because while your pals will always be there for you through thick and thin, it’s important to self-reflect and become aware of exactly how you can better show up for the platonic relationships in your life. That’s why as the resident astrologer, I made a list of the worst friendship traits you should kick to the curb, according to your zodiac sign. Use this guide as a way to be better to friends, as well as for them to understand you more.


You’re a great friend who will inspire and energize your friends to attain happiness and success; however, when annoyed, you can take situations to the next level. Toning down your emotions is key. Also, giving others time to heal from your impulsive, volatile temper will help others feel safe with you. 


Honestly, you’re the most loyal friend in the world. There is nothing that you wouldn’t do to help out a pal in need. But even though you really don’t have any bad friendship qualities, try to give more time to yourself than to others to balance out the energy. You deserve it.


At times you can be a little flaky and not show up for your friends. But remember: relationships are a two-way street, Gemini. This action cancels out all of the amazing things you do for your besties like talk them down from a ledge and help them out 24/7 without questions.


You are the friend who will dry the eyes of your best friends and come over with ice cream when they’re feeling blue. However, it’s important to make sure that they’re giving you the same TLC in return. Don’t shut the love you’re receiving out if you’re feeling down, let them into your life.


You are the diva to take center stage in your friendships. But instead of monologuing your feelings, let your best friend talk in the conversation. This will create equal footing in the relationship to ensure that you both are able to talk things out openly.


You’re very patient with those in your inner circle. But, when you’re not, they know that it’s time for them to slow their roll. Speak up if you’re irritated by people and set boundaries. It’s okay to have a small circle of friends. Quality versus quantity is important to you.

friendship bad habits zodiac sign


You give a lot of your time and energy to others. But this means that you need equal time for yourself. Don’t get too wrapped up in your friends’ issues that you forget about yourself. Maintaining and keeping balance with others will add structure to your relationships and with your needs.


Your heart has no depths. But, you can get irked if you feel your BFF isn’t making steps to evolve their life, like you’re always doing. Letting them know to step up and grow will help your relationship blossom throughout the years. That’s how you define being a good friend.


Yes, at times you can stir the pot with friends to keep relationships exciting. But, that’s not how you should act with those you love. Be mindful of how your friends feel and show your generous side by taking them out for a night on the town when they’re blue. 


Your best friendship quality is also your worst quality. You’re harsh to those you love because you want what’s best for them and for them to do better for themselves. Your friends are used to your quippy ways, but you should offer them compliments and affection once in a while.


Your sun sign is known for giving all to relationships and friendships. But, you can be somewhat emotionally aloof at times. While you are always there for your pals in offering support, make sure that you are present and able to feel their feelings with them by showing some compassion.


You’re an unconditional and true friend, which makes your squad relish the time spent with you. The flip side is that you tend to live in a dream world, which can mean that you are not regularly available to chat with them in their times of need, which can be upsetting to your friends.