From Dramatic Leos to Chatty Geminis, Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Is Like in Bed

Plus, an astrologer offers tips for how each sign can improve their sex life.

Everyone has a different sex style, from passionate to caring to kinky. And while you might not know which zodiac sign someone is before doing the deed with them, astrology can actually give you a good idea of their sexual preferences. (Not that you should blurt out, “Wait—what’s your zodiac sign?” right before jumping into bed, but it could be something to bring into the conversation on a date.)

Just like how each sign has distinct personality traits, they also have preferences for foreplay, sex positions, and even locations for sex (Cancers love the shower.) But remember, everyone is different, and communication is key when it comes to having good, consensual sex.

We tapped astrologer Lisa Stardust to break down each zodiac sign’s sexual personalities. Plus, she also offered specific tips and tricks for each zodiac sign to improve their sex life. So, read up on the signs and carry this knowledge into your next sexual encounter.

Aries Sex (March 21–April 19)

Aries like sex to be simple and to the point,” Stardust says. “But sometimes your passions take control of your loins and bring out your incessant need to be the best sexual partner ever. Pleasing your boo between the sheets is the ultimate carnal gift and form of sensual contentment you desire.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “A nice head rub will help you open up to your partner, Aries,” she says.

Taurus Sex (April 20–May 20)

According to Stardust, when you’re in a relationship, Taurus, “you prefer giving up control in the bedroom and letting your partner take the lead,” Stardust explains. “In fact, you’re more apt to be tied up or blindfolded, as long as you can feel their breath on your face during sex.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life:Taking an intimate bath with your partner is a great way to connect with them,” she says.

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Gemini Sex (May 21–June 20)

“It’s no surprise that you bring your chatty nature into your sexual routine, Gemini, as you are celestially blessed with the gift of gab,” Stardust says. “You will enjoy using your mouth for dirty talk and oral sex. You’ll even advocate for foreplay that includes explicit selfies and sexts.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “Talking with your partner before sex will help you feel more comfortable,” she says.

Cancer Sex (June 21–July 22)

“You, Cancer, enjoy getting wet while having sex—specifically, shower sex,” Stardust explains. “There, you are free to embrace your sensual watery vibes. Your sensations are heightened under the warmth of the water, which will lead to tingles all over your body, reminiscent of the ocean’s tides.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: According to Stardust, an “old-fashioned courtship or date is ideal for you to know your partner prior to sex, Cancer.”

Leo Sex (July 23–August 22)

“You, Leo, totally take your spice for life and dramatic flair to the sheets by indulging in edging and being dominant in sexual acts with your partner,” Stardust explains. That’s why Stardust suggests making sure your needs are met first, since it’s extremely important to you. “Your partner can satisfy themselves solo after you’re taken care of,” she adds.

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “A present or gift days before you hook up will make you feel loved by your partner.”

Virgo Sex (August 23–September 22)

“Although you have a rep for rigidity prudishness, Virgo, you are actually surprisingly sexually open-minded,” Stardust reveals. This means you enjoy having sex in public places. “Nothing will get you hotter than the experience of getting nearly caught. As long as it’s in a clean room, you’re totally down to try anything.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “You want to please, so knowing that you are doing that is good enough,” she explains.

Libra Sex (September 23–October 22)

“The erogenous zones that turn you on the most are your butt and head, Libra, which is why you like to add light spanking and gentle hair pulling to your sexual delights,” Stardust explains. That’s why she suggests trying out different sexual positions by incorporating your go-to kinks to turn your orgasms into “explosive supernovas.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “Kindness is what gets you to really open up,” she says.

Scorpio Sex (October 23–November 21)

“The rumors are true! You, Scorpio, are the most seductive sign of the zodiac, and an evening in bed with you won’t be forgotten,” Stardust says. Apparently, intense foreplay really gets you going. “The anticipation of what’s coming next will send excitement and *shivers* down your spine (the good kind).”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “You don’t need any help,” Stardust explains, “as you are in your natural seductive element. But, you can always get to know your partner on a deeper level.”

Sagittarius Sex (November 22–December 21)

“It’s certainly no secret that you like to live the luxurious life to the max and have a good time 24/7, Sagittarius,” Stardust says. “All of this is all the more reason why your worldly persona likes to incorporate toys (for you both to enjoy) for maximum gratification.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “A massage will help you get out of your comfort zone,” Stardust says. “Although you don’t need much help, as you are adventurous.”

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Capricorn Sex (December 22–January 19)

“‘Work hard, play hard’ is your motto, so it’s no shock that you like to indulge in all earthly sexual delights, Capricorn,” Stardust says. “From puppy play to nylons to foot fetishes to light BDSM (with a safe word intact), you enjoy sexual activities that make you feel present in your own body.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “Praise or TLC will get you to open up in the bedroom,” she says.

Aquarius Sex (January 20February 18)

“You’re a voyeur, Aquarius, which means that you get your kicks prepping for the act of sex by watching, being watched, or consensually recording your bedtime pleasures for your eyes only,” Stardust explains. “Also, you’re one to experiment with different positions and fetishes with your partner, as long as cuddling is minimal.”

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “You live life out of your comfort zone,” Stardust begins, “so time to reflect and communicate is ideal.”

Pisces Sex (February 19–March 20)

“The bedroom is the one place that you can let your imagination run wild, Pisces,” Stardust says. “Your chameleon-like energy means you can be anyone or anything you want to be between the sheets (you know, basic cosplay). That’s why Stardust says you’ll be able to embrace your fantasy and role-play life freely with your partner.

Tip for how to improve your sex life: “Talking about fantasies and role-playing will help open your mind and heart,” she says.

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