Everything you need to know about how each zodiac sign acts in love

We know attraction matters. We know chemistry matters. We know that whether or not your potential S.O. shares your love of Baby Yoda and is also low-key cool with your Keanu Reeves obsession also matters. But star-crossed lovers of the world, hear us out for a second: If you don’t know what your astrological compatibility is, then the planets say you don’t know much at all about each other. Understanding Zodiac sign love pairings, and how each Zodiac sign acts in love, is key. Trust—the last thing you want is to find yourself dating a Sagittarius when your intense Taurus energy is looking for a grounded partner who isn’t off galavanting across the world, with little promise of return.

For this Valentine’s Day, we decided to create an Astrology love cheatsheet to help the astro-newbs and seasoned horoscope veterans alike navigate the tumultuous waters of ~romance~ in a way that the constellations would approve of. To help us, we recruited the celestial aid of N.Y.C.-based astrologer Lisa Stardust to teach us the ins and outs of what Zodiac signs can say about someone’s love life. From ways to tell if they’re into you, to what they’re like in bed, to what their relationship deal breakers are, we’ve it laid it all out to make assessing compatibility that much easier. So sit back, have some truffles handy, and learn just a little bit more about your partner than you already found out from their Instagram.

Aries (March 21—April 19)

As the known warrior of the Zodiac, and a Fire sign, Aries can be irresistibly passionate, driven, and slightly impulsive. Competitive, and a bit independent, Aries will do anything to win you over—unless they get bored. The ram doesn’t do anything half-heartedly, but capturing their attention is key.

How to tell if they’re into you: According to Stardust, there is no questioning whether or not an Aries is into you—you’ll know. “Aries aren’t shy at expressing their feelings,” she says. “If a ram is into you, they’ll exhaust endless attention until you become their official boo.”

What they’re like in a relationship: While an Aries can make for a good partner, try not to get burned by their firey ways. “They can be a tad demanding and controlling,” Stardust says. “They want the relationship to be the best of all time.”

What they’re like in bed: You’re in for a good time if you’re taking an Aries home. “They aim to please and be known as the most amazing lover of your life,” Stardust says. Damn.

Their biggest deal breakers: Aries’ competitive nature can make them jealous, so be mindful of that. “Flirting with another person (privately or publicly) will send their jealous sentiments into a total tizzy,” Stardust says.

Taurus (April 20—May 20)

If you are looking for loyalty and stability along with a good meal, look no further than a Taurus. Though their Earth sign ways can make them slow to commit, once they’re in, there’s no going back. Just don’t expect too much compromising because they can be a wee bit stubborn.

How to tell if they’re into you: If a Taurus has a crush on you, they’ll show it by asking about your life. “They want to hear from you and know what you’re doing—even if they don’t share their schedules freely with you,” Stardust says. “They’ll ask questions about your day-to-day life, work, and friendships to be in the know.”

What they’re like in a relationship: Taurus makes a solid partner, especially if you’re looking for something long-term. “You’ll come first if you’re dating a Bull,” Stardusts says. “They’ll always stand by your side and worship you—even your flaws.”

What they’re like in bed: Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, expect a sensual good time when between the sheets, Stardust says. “Taurus will boldly explore your desires if you share them with them.”

Their biggest deal breakers: Loyalty is key with the Bull, Stardust says, so cheating is something you can’t come back from. “[Cheating] or not sharing pertinent information will force them to charge away from the relationship.”

Gemini (May 21—June 20)

If you need a good communicator to make you happy, look no further than a Gemini. Represented by the sign of the Twins, Geminis are very social, and blend well into any dynamic. They’re also very emotionally intelligent, and love the idea of romance, which is perfect if you need someone in touch with their feelings.

How to tell if they’re into you: The great communicator of the Zodiac won’t resist finding opportunities to chat with you if they’re into you. “They’ll blow up your phone with texts and memes all day, to show they care,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: According to Stardust, Geminis like exploring new things with their partner. “Geminis tend to be open […] to all possibilities, including new adventures with their partner, who they also consider their BFF.”

What they’re like in bed: Trust that things will get verbal in the bedroom with a Gemini. “Geminis love verbal interactions with their partners in bed,” Stardust says. “This means extra sassy dirty talk whispered in their partner’s ear.”

Their biggest deal breakers: “The chatty Twins hate to be ignored,” Stardust says. “They need constant communication with their boo—not because they’re needy but because they like to talk.”

Cancer (June 21—July 22)

Homebodies looking for a snuggle and a good cry, look no further than a Cancer. As a Water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancers are very emotional beings who can fall in love quickly. If you’re craving some depth, warmth, generosity, and compassion, Cancer can give that to you ten times over.

How to tell if they’re into you: When a Cancer likes you, they’ll suggest the first date take place at home. “They’ll ask you to come over to their house for dinner and a movie—aka food and cuddling,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: While loving and caring, Cancers are crabs for a reason. “They can be a tad dominating over their partners, but it’s just to make sure their boo is doing ‘right’ by them at all times,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in bed: Expect things to get kind of kinky, according to Stardust. “Cancers like to take control in the bedroom, which means they are inclined to like power positions.”

Their biggest deal breakers: Safety is key for the Crab. “When a Cancer doesn’t feel safe in a relationship, they bolt,” Stardust says. “So, be careful of the stories you disclose to them on dates.”

Leo (July 23—Aug. 22)

Simply put, Leo, represented by the Lion and governed by the Sun, likes to be the center of attention. Bold, loyal, intense, and magnetic, Leos are incredibly social and like their partner to be the same.

How to tell if they’re into you: When it comes to romancing someone new, Leos stick with the classics. “Leos will shower you with attention, affection, and lots of expensive presents to show they are into you,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: Like with most things, Leos like attention. “They need constant TLC from their partner—even if they argue nonstop with them,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in bed: Leos know what they want, and they’ll be sure to tell you, Stardust says. “Their needs come first and they’ll definitely let you know how to improve on your lovemaking skills if it’s not up to par with their standards.”

Their biggest deal breakers: “As in every aspect of life, the Lion requires unwavering loyalty—even if they are 100% wrong in a matter or situation,” Stardust says. So cheating and dishonesty are two major no-gos.

Virgo (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)

Incredibly efficient, smart, and kind, Virgos are the planners of the Zodiac. They can be passionate, and love stability in relationships, so earning a Virgo’s trust is your best way in.

How to tell if they’re into you: When a Virgo likes you, they’ll factor you into their busy day, and make you a priority. “They’ll agree to last minute plans, and rearrange their schedule to spend time with you,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: “[Virgos are] patient and easygoing—until they are fully annoyed,” Stardust says. “But, it takes a while for them to get mad.”

What they’re like in bed: This Mercury-ruled sign is down to get exploratory if that’s your thing, too. “Virgos are undercover freaks in bed, who give their all to their sexual partners—as long as it’s not in a dirty room,” Stardust says.

Their biggest deal breakers: “Lack of structure can make them leave a relationship,” Stardust says. “They need to know where they stand in the partnership.”

Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22)

Libras seek harmony in all things, including their relationships. Consistent people-pleasers and hopeless romantics, the sign of the Scales isn’t afraid to get flirty and dive blindly into a new fling. Just know you may have to be the assertive one in the relationship, because Libras have a hard time making up their minds.

How to tell if they’re into you: Libra is also Venus-ruled, so if they like you, they’ll wine and dine you. “They’ll take you out to the hottest clubs and best restaurants where the champagne never stops flowing to show off their fabulousness,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: Because Libras love leveling the scales, they’re willing to work on things to make both partners happy. “They will work on difficulties and give their all to love,” Stardust says. “They want a true partnership where the sentiments and love are in balance.”

What they’re like in bed: “They are givers, not takers in the bed, but require a lot of kisses and ear nibbling too,” Stardust says.

Their biggest deal breakers: According to Stardust, once things become unequal, Libra starts having reservations. “[Libras don’t like] if you fall out of love before them or move on first. They can’t handle imbalance with others, especially in matters of the heart.”

Scorpio (Oct. 23—Nov. 21)

Dark, mysterious, and oh-so sexy, Scorpios have an allure like no other sign in the Zodiac. But don’t try to play any jealousy games with them—once they can’t trust you, there’s no winning back their hearts.

How to tell if they’re into you: Scorpios can be a bit intense, and if they like you, you’ll know. “They’ll [bombard] you endlessly with texts, calls, and be the first to like your IG posts,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: This Water sign can make a great partner, just know they have things they’re not willing to compromise on. “They don’t like to lose control and are often the ones planning everything,” Stardust says. “They also are totally loyal and will always have their partner’s back—no matter what.”

What they’re like in bed: To put it mildly, expect a good time. “They are sex bombs in bed,” Stardust says. “They’re next-level due to their intense and lusty nature.”

Their biggest deal breakers: Like we said, liars are a big nope for Scorpios. “[They hate] deception,” Stardust says. “They will simply block others on their phone if they feel they are being played or lied to.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

As the Archer of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is always pointing their arrow in a new direction. Constantly seeking adventure, and blunt to a fault, Sagittarius can be hard to peg down. But once you make a match with a Sag, trust that it’ll never get boring.

How to tell if they’re into you: Sag isn’t one to leave you guessing. “The Archer will poke at you endlessly to get your passions fired up by making blunt statements,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: While Sags who want relationships do exist, remember that their space is important to them. “Sag’s don’t like traditional relationships and run away from their partner when jealousy is an issue,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in bed: According to Stardust, the Archer’s adventurous spirit doesn’t stop with travel. “They love to explore all positions and fetishes. Nothing will shock them, as they sky is definitely NOT the limit.”

Their biggest deal breakers: Trust a Sag will speak their mind. “They’ll tell you what they require and need upfront,” Stardust says. “If you can’t handle the truth or change your mind mid-relationship, they will bolt.”

Capricorn (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)

Lover of lists. Incredibly pragmatic. Eternal realist and organized AF. These are all things that describe a Cap to a T. As an Earth sign, they make great, stable partners. Just know their workaholic tendencies can often mean their career will come first.

How to tell if they’re into you: Since Cap is incredibly career-focused, it may be easy to confuse their flirting with networking. “They’ll discuss their professional aspirations with you and even give you advice on implementing your work goals,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: “Capricorns are old fashioned in the sense that they like to court their boo properly before committing,” Stardust says. Guaranteed, they will evaluate the merits of a relationship at all angles before committing.

What they’re like in bed: Do not be fooled—these workaholics can show you one hell of a time. “Their work hard, play hard attitude allows them to be accepting and in need of specific sexual kinks that suit their fancy,” Stardust says.

Their biggest deal breakers: “They don’t do drama, so leave the fireworks and sparky attitude at home to avoid arguments,” Stardust says.

Aquarius (Jan. 20—Feb. 18)

Aquarians are unique individuals who are very giving and often social justice-minded. They love and embrace the idea of change, and often act toward what they believe to be the greater good. If you’re ready to devote yourself to a cause, you’re ready for an Aquarius.

How to tell if they’re into you: You know an Aquarius likes you when they’re willing to have a debate with you. “They’ll engage in heady and intellectual conversations with you daily,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in a relationship: Since Aquarians are often free spirits, they need some independence. “They require a lot of space to do their own thing,” Stardust says. “Don’t let their need for freedom here and there stand in the way of commitment.”

What they’re like in bed: Things can get a bit kinky when in bed with an Aquarius. “Aquarians are voyeurs,” Stardust says. “They love to watch their partner become aroused, as it turns them on.”

Their biggest deal breakers: Because an Aquarius is motivated by social justice, they won’t tolerate a partner who doesn’t think similarly. “People who don’t share the same ideology and beliefs are a turnoff for Aquarians, because they like to surround themselves with those who share the same humanitarian interests as them,” Stardust says.

Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20)

Pisces are dreamy romantics who love love, and everything that comes with it. Because they are very emotionally intuitive, and creative, the sign of the Fish makes a great partner for people who want that Rom-Com type of love.

How to tell if they’re into you: Because they’re often very distracted, Stardust says a Pisces who is paying attention to you is into you. “If they respond to your text immediately then they totally dig you, as you’ve awakened them from escapism.”

What they’re like in a relationship: Pisces aren’t about being practical—so a partner who can take on that role is perfect for them. “They like to have a partner who makes the majority of the hard decisions and makes sure the bills are paid, as it gives them space to live in their creative bubble,” Stardust says.

What they’re like in bed: Don’t expect things to be vanilla when in bed with a Pisces. “They can easily get into role playing and exploring fetishism with their partner, due to their dreamy nature,” Stardust says.

Their biggest deal breakers: If a Pisces has a bad gut feeling, they’re out. “Pisces use their intuition to guide them,” Stardust says. “If a relationship gives them anxiety, stresses them out, or even makes them feel uncomfortable they’ll swim away immediately.”

While astrological compatibility can be a huge tell for whether a relationship has potential, don’t worry too much if your sun signs don’t seem to jive. Take these descriptors and allow them to help guide you when making your decisions in the world of dating.

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