This artist created princesses modeled after the zodiac and the results are gorgeous

While we know what engagement ring or wedding dress you should get based on your zodiac sign, now we know what your zodiac signs might look like if they were actual princesses.

Artist John Grec Archibald recently created these stunning illustrations of every zodiac sign come to life. Incorporating both elements of the gemstones and the actual signs themselves, the results are simply gorgeous.

Presented with the artist’s descriptions below.


“Simple updo Turquoise hair that is parted in half. A garnet rose-like gown that represents the element of earth, fully sequins and ruffles underneath the petal-like skirt. With arm length gloves to fully cover the body. Sharp nails that are like the sharp horns of the ram.”


“Ginger hair in updo that is a topaz-like hue with braids on the side. Turquoise colored gown with a long cape. A topaz neck piece and bracelet.”


“Topaz colored metallic gown that has a scorpion pattern that is the sign of the zodiac. Short sleek back opal ombre hair, with dangling topaz earrings.”


“Sapphire blue hair in long soft curls. A crop top gown in lighter opal that faded from dark tone. With feather blue opal embellishments. The gown color is inspired by Elie Saab.”


“Straight long peridot shade hair. Wearing a sheer gown with vines and leaves covering the upper torso represents the element of earth. Sapphire blue for the detailing of the dress. And dangling sapphire earrings.”


“The fiery red hair signifies the element fire and the gem stone ruby. A stylized lion pattern for her back, and a ball gown that gives the look of dominance to represent the lion in peridot hue.”


“Mermaid length hair to incorporate the element of water in pearl white color. Pearl earrings and a butterfly pattern for the dress with hidden symbol of cancer. Velvet ruby red gown to compliment the hourglass body shape.”


“Earth toned hair to let the emerald band and earrings pop. Wearing a pearl white ball gown with swirl detailing which represents the element of air. Lastly wearing a big pearl necklace.”


“Platinum blonde hair, stylized to a diamond-esque shape. Emerald ball gown with leaf shaped Swarovski crystals that symbolizes the element of earth. And a huge emerald earrings.”


“Aquamarine hair in fiery wave style. Wearing an linear design full with diamond embellishment.”


“Ombre Amethyst hair in mermaid length and style to represent the element of Pisces. Aquamarine mermaid cut gown.”


“Her hair represents the gem stone of January, the color of the gown represents the gem stone of February. And a mix of chiffon garnet. The flowy gown signifies the element of the zodiac which is air. Her earrings are the sign of Aquarius.”

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