These Zodiac Signs Are the Most Compatible Friends, According to an Astrologer

Discover who's really your ride or die.

If you’re a lover of astrology, then you may believe that when you were born, the stars had already decided your fate. Your zodiac sign can tell you more about yourself before you have the time to discover it on your own, including your interests, dislikes, ideal career path, romantic partner, and BFFs.

There are some zodiac signs, when paired together, make the best of friends. Their bond is effortless and meaningful, yet fun and everything you look for in a friendship. If you’re curious to know who’s your ideal bestie then keep reading, we tapped HelloGiggles resident astrologer, Lisa Stardust, to learn which zodiac signs are most compatible as friends.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which means they start projects and friendships very quickly, diving in headfirst without hesitation,” says Stardust. “Having an Aries as a friend leads others to feel highly motivated, striving to be the best versions of themselves.”

The ram gets along best with other fire signs, like Sagittarius, which Stardust says is a “saucy duo!” “These two fire signs genuinely enjoy each other’s company, opting to spend nights talking about higher life pursuits,” she says. Aries loves poking the archer’s intelligent mind, while Sag admires Aries’ bold personality. 

Another favorable friendship is Aries and Gemini. “These two genuinely enjoy spending quality time chatting it up with the other on the phone,” says Stardust. They make each other feel comfortable as Gemini relies on Aries for sound advice, who loves giving it, and Aries shares gossip and secrets freely with the twin sign. Gemini is the sibling Aries’ never had.


Whether it’s a romantic relationship or friendship, Taurus is extremely loyal to their partners in crime. That’s why when you pair two bulls together, you can expect nothing less than peace, love, and mutual understanding. “These two love to splurge on good food, wine, and luxury items while encouraging the others artistic and sensual pursuits,” says Stardust.

Another earth sign that’s compatible with the bull is Virgo. Both enjoy each other’s grounded and laid-back vibes. Similarly, Taurus also enjoys quality time with Cancers, who place the same value in relationships. “Taurus allows the Cancer to feel safe to walk outside their shell and leave its comfort zone and in return, the bull feels seen by the friendship,” Stardust explains.


“The Gemini friend is always on your side, offering a different take on situations, which help other signs to grow,” says Stardust. “Often, Gemini becomes joint at the hip with their BFF, which provides endless laughter and good times.” Case in point? Gemini and Virgos, the ultimate Mercurial power friends. Both of these signs have similar communication styles meaning they’ll feel connected right away. A typical friend’s date will include lots of chatting and good vibes.

Gemini’s also love their Libra friends because they both offer something unique to the friendship. “Libra adds creativity to Gemini’s intellectualism by opening their favorite twin friends up to exciting new artists and visionaries,” says Stardust. In return, Gemini teaches their Libra pal about how to live a life with a higher purpose.


Caring and nurturing by nature, the crab is a ride-or-die friend, explains Stardust. Libras and Cancers will have the most fun together going to social events, concerts, and parties. While Cancer and Scorpio will connect on an emotional level. “They use their intuition and psychic abilities to be in sync, which allows these friends to be on the same page,” says Stardust.

Pisces will also understand Cancer’s emotional tendencies, making them a great BFF for the crab. And if Cancer is looking for a practical yet understanding friend, Capricorn will never disappoint. “These friends balance each other out—often relying on the other as their emotional soundboard—Capricorn gives practical advice, and Cancer offers a sensitive perspective on matters,” says Stardust. These differences draw these two toward each other, creating a lasting friendship.


Leo’s are fiery, passionate, and motivating so they’re often looking for friends on the same energy level. That’s where Aquarius comes in. “Mutual respect and admiration bring these two together,” says Stardust.

When Leo is looking for a more relaxed and chill vibe, they’ll seek their Pisces’ friend who helps ground this fiery sign. “Leo and Pisces connect over their desire to be better people,” says Stardust.


According to Stardust, Virgos do not enter friendships lightly. “They often spend time deciding if the person of interest is worth their energy, as they like to only surround themselves with positivity.” Enter Capricorns: Virgo’s earthy soulmate. “These earthy friends will bond in nature, spending time connecting in the great outdoors,” says Stardust. “They both share a sarcastic sense of humor, which will leave this pair laughing for hours.”

Libras are also a great fit for Virgos. Stardust says, they’ll connect over similar interests, like pop culture, and because they’re neighboring signs, they’ll make lifelong alliances.

Water signs, like Scorpio, also tend to bring out the best in Virgos. “They both reassure the other of their devotion by helping calm anxieties and holding frequent deep intellectual conversations,” explains Stardust.



Libras are social butterflies, meaning they’re great friends to most zodiac signs. However, they instantly bond with other air signs, like Aquarius, who understand their fundamental needs. “These lovely air signs become besties right away due to their mutual sense of style and need for autonomy in friendships,” says Stardust. They enjoy each other’s company but understand that they don’t need to be joint at the hip to be true besties.

That said, though, opposites attract when Libras and Capricorns get together. As friends, Stardust explains that the two help broaden each other’s perspectives, which they both find valuable. “Diplomatic Libra can bring innovative insights to steady Capricorn, while Capricorn cheers Libra on from the sidelines, offering support and encouragement,” she says.


Scorpios can love unconditionally and passionately, allowing them to care deeply for their friends. Get a Scorpio friend, and you’ll have a lifelong pal. One of the best zodiac friendship pairings has to be Scorpio and Pisces, a fellow empathic water sign that loves to love their close friends. These watery buds will spend their time sharing their dreams and fiercely protecting one another, making them a perfect pair, says Stardust.

Similarly, Scorpio and Capricorn can build lifelong friendships due to their active lifestyle and hard work mentality. “Their desire for success can make these friends unstoppable when paired together,” says Stardust.


While Sagittarius can be fun, loving, and easy-going, they’re honest and blunt by nature meaning they don’t usually do well when paired with overly sensitive zodiacs. Instead, they gravitate towards the adventure-seekers who are down for anything and everything. The most obvious pairing for a Sagittarius is another fellow archer as they share a mutual enthusiasm for life and spontaneity. “Whether it be backpacking around Europe or camping in the Gold Coast, these two use their joie de vivre to heighten experiences together,” says Stardust.

An unlikely match that also works is Sagittarius and Pisces. “The sky’s the limit when Sag and Pisces become friends,” says Stardust. Pisces are the dreamers and creative empaths of the zodiacs, so when with Sagittarius, someone that aims to live life to the fullest, they have no problem dreaming together, taking chances, and offering each other hopeful insights on life.


Capricorns are the most reliable friends because they’re dependable, funny, and loyal,” says Stardust. Fundamentally, they’ll seek friendships with Pisces and Aquarius because these two push Capricorn to their fun and wild side. “Capricorn anchors Pisces down from their dreamy cloud, while Pisces adds mystical fantasy to the friendship,” explains Stardust. Additionally, Aquarius helps to add a bit of wildness and spontaneity to an otherwise structured and rigid mountain goat.


Aquarius understand that they’re here for a good time, not a long time. Therefore, they often gravitate towards zodiacs who are dreamers and will add lightness, love, and laughter to their life. No sign understands this more than another Aquarius. “Aquarius has found its soulmate in their Aquarius bestie,” says Stardust. “These two understand each other’s quirks and need for freedom, embracing their rebellious ways.”

The spunky air sign will also find fun with their Pisces friend. “This idealistic duo celebrates their friendship through creation, opting to pursue artistic endeavors such as art, music, and dance together,” says Stardust.


Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, call your Pisces pal. And you know what they say like attracts like. “All the world’s problems melt away when Pisces teams up with Pisces,” says Stardust. “These two use their emotional antennas to swim through life together, offering sensitivity and kindness through their transformative friendship.”