These models shared their zit-zapping tricks, and we’re going to try them all

There is nothing worse than an unwanted zit. Acne always shows up right when you least need it: the day before prom, or graduation, or your wedding. And zits are demons we all face, whether we’re celebrities, dignitaries, or students. Acne is the great leveler. These models recently shared their zit-zapping tricks with Refinery 29, and we cannot wait to try them all.

We’re happy to see models are joining celebrities in sharing their acne woes, but really wish there was a cure-all magic acne solution that would heal our troubles. Until then, here’s how models treat unwanted zits.


Model Tina Johnson suggests just a “dab” of vinegar, but if she needs the zit to be cleared by the next day, she’ll use toner.


Kaia Gerber swears by toothpaste with a side of ice. Toothpaste, she says, dries the acne out, while icing the zit takes out the redness.

Pop it

This is advice we don’t normally hear! Model Afiya Bennett just pops the darn thing, and then covers it up with concealer.

LED masks

Leila Goldkuhl uses LED masks religiously.

Aveeno acne pads

An oldie but a goodie: Selena Forrest loves the Aveeno acne pads available at any Target.

Of course, this is all advice. And as we know, everyone’s skin is different. What works for one girl might not work for you. Good luck out there! And the moment we learn of a zit cure-all, we’ll be sure to share the knowledge with the rest of you.