You can now zipline off the Eiffel Tower, because anything is possible in 2017

Attention all humans heading to Paris in the next few days: You have the opportunity to to zipline off the Eiffel Tower! Seriously, it’s a thing that’s happening, and we want to go to there so very badly.

From June 5th-June 11th, visitors to the Eiffel Tower will be able to zipline off Paris’s most famous tower for free. Brave visitors will jump off the tower at 375 feet and fly through the air at 55 miles per hour for half a mile. They’ll zip along right past the Champs de Mars and land at L’Ecole Militaire.

The whole ride lasts one minute, but the rush lasts a lifetime (or at least the rest of the day).

The new attraction is called Le Perrier Smash, and it’s sponsored by Perrier (yep, the sparkling water) in promotion of the French Open, the tennis tournament taking place in Paris from May 21st-June 10th.

For people who aren’t feeling the whole jump off the Eiffel Tower thing, there’s also a virtual version to take part in. Not surprisingly, the event is so popular, sign-ups have closed on Perrier’s website. After all, they’re only allowing 100 rides per day. So the virtual version might be your only chance. But look on the bright side — you won’t need to jump off a very tall tower.

Check out a video of the zipline action:

So now you’re probably either super jealous you aren’t in Paris right now, or you’re super happy to have your feet planted firmly on the ground.