The zigzag hair trend is one for all you nostalgia lovers out there

Are you stick of your standard straightener and curling iron? Well, now with this zigzag styling iron, you can give your hair a whole new look for 2017. And when we say “new look,” we mean totally retro look, since it channels the crimped hair of the 1980s and 1990s with the wavy look of the 2000s.

The Glampalm Zigzag Styling Iron is the tool that you need to get this funky look. The iron costs $220 and Glampalm claims it will give you “uniform, texturized waves.” The result is less tight than traditional hair crimping, with each angle being more set apart for a truly unique and geometric look.

If the tool looks intimidating, don’t worry — since the zigzag styling iron appears relatively easy to use. Canadian-based hair artist Ariba Pervaiz posted a tutorial on her Instagram to help you achieve this look.

Pervaiz also proved how amazing the zigzag style can look if you’re rocking ombré hair color.

It also adds a whole new fun element to your hair if you’ve got a super bold color. Hair colorist Lizbeth Vargas showed that you can become a mermaid on land when you couple the zigzag style with some amazing hair coloring.

It sure is an updated twist on the crimped look of the ’80s:


And the more wavy style of the late ’90s and early 2000s:


While you might not be down to do the zigzag for your everyday look, it sure is a fun hair style to try out in the new year for when you want to make a big — but not ’80s hair big — impression.

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