Zhang Ziyi just upped the game on how glamorous gold foil can be on a dress and we’re in awe

Due to the awards season quickly approaching, designers are pulling out all the stops. Actors have been slaying the red carpet in gowns. Consequently, Zhang Ziyi just upped the dress game on how glamorous gold foil can be on a dress. We are living for the intricate design, sure to stop everyone in their tracks.

Zhang Ziyi’s dress made its debut at the ELLE Style Awards in Shanghai. While her dress was a showstopper, it was not the only one! Many actresses  looked flawless in their outfits. Yet, Zhang Ziyi stood out among the rest. Maybe what’s more shocking is that she gave birth to her first baby under a year ago.

Here’s Zhang Ziyi’s dress


And here’s a closer look.



If you are not familiar with Zhang Ziyi, you should get acquainted quick. She is an incredible actor. In addition to showing emotional range, she can also kick some serious ass. While she might not look it right off the bat, Zhang Ziyi’s role in the action film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon proves just how tough she is.


Yeah. That is just one fight scene that Zhang Ziyi was a part of. Therefore, the only proper thing to do is watch the rest of this phenomenal film.

While Zhang’s acting chops are none disputable, we cannot forget her fashion sense. The woman looks good all the time! It can be infuriating, really. Whether she is being casual or glamorous, her outfits are flawless.

Here she is at the Met Ball last year.


And here she is at Paris Fashion Week.


The classic beauty that Zhang Ziyi possesses is rare. She’s so elegant.

While the world may have woken up to her style due to the glamorous gold foil dress, she’s been rocking amazing outfits for years. Her baby daughter will inherit an amazing scene of style and closet filled with clothes. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of Zhang Ziyi’s red carpet attire in the future!