Siri has the smartest answer for this simple math problem

Oh Siri, what a gift. She’s helpful for so many things like getting directions, dialing numbers, dictating messages, checking sports scores. She (almost) always complies to what’s asked without argument, and though she has been known to add a dash of sass to many of her responses, we can’t help but adore Apple’s handy-dandy robotic personal assistant. Plus, she has the ability to make us giggle out loud until we realize that we’re actually talking to a machine… I mean, what’s not to love?

Well our girl is at it again, and this time, she’s shamelessly mocking us for (all-too-often) asking her some of the silliest things. Thanks to an early morning tweet by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, the Internet’s now abuzz with the latest question: “What is zero divided by zero?”

Go ahead. Pull out your iPhone and try it. Right now.

The on-screen response is pretty straight forward. We all know that in mathematics, zero divided by zero has no definite value, so it’s pretty much a given that Siri tells us the answer is indeterminate:

What this photo doesn’t show you, however, is her much more elaborate verbal response—which totally surpasses the simple “Does not compute” that most boring old-fashioned robots usually spit out.

For those of you without access to this snarky little lady, here’s her response:

Um… Burn.

Yep, that is Siri’s one, only and final answer, and it pretty much confirms that she’s one boss we don’t want to mess with. Yet we’ve got to admit, the reply’s basically the best. Ever.

Of course, this isn’t the first surprisingly clever response our girl’s been able to give us. Here are some of her other wise and witty answers when asked, “What’s the meaning of life?,” “Do you love me?,” or “What’s the best phone?”.

Siri. Siri. Siri. Boy do we heart you.

(Image via Vine)

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