Zendaya’s New Year’s resolutions are totally relatable and not too serious, which is really what resolutions should be

Christmas is over which means it’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions! Okay, maybe you don’t have to make them just yet, but some celebrities already have. In fact, Zendaya’s New Year’s resolutions are totally relatable and pretty much what all of ours should be.

Sure there are the go-to resolutions like, eat less bread or workout more, but those are so blah. The 20-year-old actress has shared her own resolutions, and now we have some really good ideas for ours come 2017.

According to the Disney darling, it’s best to start small, and that’s something we can agree with. Zendaya revealed her top resolutions for the upcoming year on her website and they are actually pretty doable — and totally hit home.

For starters she’s going to “stop ignoring calls.” You know you do this too, so you might want to listen up — and not ignore us!

"It’s a bad habit, I know. But I get soooo many dang phone calls. I’ll see I have a missed call and straight up won’t respond for days," Zendaya admitted. "I just don’t feel like talking sometimes. But, I don’t like to leave people hanging, so I’m gonna work on it!"


Secondly, the former Shake It Up! star is going to “quit spending so much time on my phone.” This one needs no explanation, but is something we definitely want in on.

Next, the “Neverland” singer is vowing not to eat ice cream for breakfast and we’re a little skeptical about it.

“I do this on the regular and most of the time I’ll eat my ice cream with a fork,” she revealed. “My assistant Darnell will have a full on breakfast sandwich there for me and I’ll go straight for the ice cream.”

Okay, what’s so bad about this? LOL.

Zendaya also talked about trying to be more on top of taking her vitamins, which is just a good health goal in general.

What are your resolutions? Are you going to try any of Zendaya’s New Year’s resolutions?

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