Zendaya’s Grammys look is to die for, now we all want lady tuxedos

Basically every time Zendaya shows us a new #OOTD, we want to run out and buy all-new wardrobes. This is a girl who gives us style goals for days years straight-up CENTURIES. And her Grammys look tonight is no different. Behold, Zendaya in a DSquared2 tux:


We love this sleek tuxedo with just the TEENSIEST bit of slouch to it. We’re also entranced by the blonde pixie with a LITTLE bit of a party going on in the back.


What is a pixie-mullet? A mixie? A pullet? We dig the mixie-pullet, Z. We would have been skeptical in theory, but in practice it is equal parts super original and SUPER slick.

Another fun fact? Newly appointed Covergirl Zendaya did her own makeup tonight with, yup, that’s right, makeup you can get in the drugstore. This is a girl who knows how to blend, hats off to you, madam.

And let’s not forget the jewelry. A million rings on one hand and a serious business watch on the opposite wrist (plus a ring, because as long as there are fingers…)? Well played, lady, well played.


This isn’t the first time Zendaya has rocked a DSquared2 tux, check what she wore to the AmfAR Inspiration Gala this past October:


Okay, BRB, running out to buy three tuxedos, will figure out occasions to wear them later.

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