Zendaya’s genius highlight hack involves a $5 drugstore find and we can’t wait to try it

ICYMI, we’re all about Zendaya. Not only is she an excellent role model overall, but also when it comes to beauty sense. Now, Zendaya’s genius highlight hack involves a $5 drugstore find, reported Cosmopolitan, and we can’t wait to try it.

Zendaya posted her secret in a recent blog post on her site. Of course, on Zendaya’s new app, she gives us a lot of behind-the-scenes looks into her life, like getting ready for special events. (Tbh, who does that?! Do you with your friends?! We seriously can’t get enough.)

First, let’s take a look at the highlight result. Zendaya posted a picture of it on Instagram and stated, “Shoutout to my highlight,” which is also captured in this photo. Here she is next to Michael Kors at the 30th FN Achievement Awards at IAC Headquarters on November 29th in New York City.



She had also posted this to Insta the night of the event.

So what’s the magic $5 secret?!

Aquaphor. Yup, Aquaphor! Probably available rn at the nearest drugstore near you.


I dab Aquaphor where I want my highlight to be, Zendaya said in her blog post. “Then I put my highlighter on top and boom!

Who knew, amirite?!

Not only do many dermatologists (like mine!) promote Aquaphor for its healing properties, but Zendaya also described how she uses Aquaphor from head-to-toe — for everything from breakouts to a gloss and moisturizer for her lips.

Brb, we’d better run out and get some before it’s all sold out!

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