Zendaya made one of the weirdest music videos we’ve ever seen and we love her for it

Zendaya is very much her own girl, not interested in being placed in any kind of box, and with her most recent project, she reminded us once again just what a weird and wonderful spirit she really is. For Day 19 of LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar video series, Zendaya traveled and danced her way through space, even space-surfing at one point. The 19-year-old looked as beautiful as ever, dressed in a fitting sci-fi-themed outfit and her hair in a long ponytail as she showed off her killer dance moves and rhythm in typical Zendaya fashion.

Of course, Zendaya’s no stranger to dancing, effortlessly doing so in her music videos and on Dancing with the Stars back in 2013 (and of course, in her 100% dance-themed Disney show Shake It Up). Pamela Anderson (Day 3), Christina Milian (Day 10) and Rita Ora (Day 12) are some other pop culture icons who have been featured in LOVE’s Advent Calendar videos, too, each one having its own creative twist—like Kendall Jenner (Day 1) in a (fun) “Psycho” parody. The series, which premiered on Dec. 1, has gotten over 3.5 million hits in just a couple weeks. Check it out below!


Images via YouTube

Congrats to high school grad, Zendaya!

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