Zendaya had the perfect response to a Twitter troll who shamed her for not wearing makeup

When it comes to shutting down Internet haters, Zandaya is our queen. Case in point: the time she took on someone who body shamed her on Twitter and claimed she had an eating disorder. And the time she responded to Twitter haters who didn’t like her look at the BET Awards. Oh, and also the time she called out the misogynistic Twitter feed, Manstagram, for a cruel joke about a YouTube makeup artist. Do you see a pattern here? We could go on. And on. You’d think everyone would know by now that the number one rule of Twitter is DO NOT MESS WITH ZENDAYA. Sadly, there are still a few trolls out there who haven’t gotten the memo.

Yesterday, for reasons we can’t even begin to fathom, a random man on Twitter decided to tweet this out into the world: “Smh, is it wrong that I just saw Zendaya without makeup and it scared me how different she looks. I’m hurt.”

Where to begin? First of all, I’m smh wondering why a grown man thinks it’s appropriate to comment on a nineteen-year-old girl’s appearance. Or ANY WOMAN, for that matter. Don’t you have anything better to tweet about, dude?

And your feelings are “hurt” because you saw Zendaya and she didn’t look the way you wanted her to? Yuck, yuck and yuck. Women don’t exist for your viewing pleasure. They are actual, living, breathing human beings with minds, hearts and souls. (Side note: I find it hard to believe you were hurt at all because it sounds like you saw Zendaya in person, and 99% of the world would LOVE that. Day = made. Just saying.)

As strongly as we feel about sticking up for our girl, Zendaya doesn’t need our help. She put this guy firmly in his place all on her own. She responded with a tweet showing just how truly terrifying she looks without makeup:

TBH we’d love to look this “terrifying” on any day of the week. Slay lady, slay.

Maybe now the rest of the world will think twice before saying something mean about a person’s appearance just for the sake of being mean. We hope so. We really do.

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