Zendaya and Tom Holland are low-key roasting each other on Twitter, and LOL

Spider-Man: Homecoming is coming out in less than a month! We love how close this cast is, especially Zendaya and Tom Holland. The former called the latter “one of the nicest people I think I’ve ever met,” and “a good dude,” while Tom celebrated Zendaya as, “one of the most professional and hardworking people I’ve ever met,” in an interview for the Hollywood Reporter. Aww.

In preparation for the film’s release, the cast is busy doing press all over the world, and it’s possible that the film’s two stars have been spending a little TOO much time together. Yesterday, the two were ROASTING each other on Twitter, and we’re lol-ing.

So, Zendaya posts a pic of her beautiful self on Insta with the caption, “Stealing hearts since ’96.”

Shortly after, Tom posts a photo of himself with the snarky caption, “Stealing hearts since never ? @zendaya.”

Zendaya, irritated, then tweets:

LOL. Ouch.

Holland tweets back:


Then she’s like:

Hahahaha. Well done.

The two, it turns out, are actually super close in real life:

They even put together a choreographed dance routine lol:


And when one Twitter user suggested that maybe there was romance budding between them, Zendaya quickly shut it down and insisted these two are just good pals.

Check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer here:


We are beyond excited to see this movie, especially after finding out that Zendaya will be playing a NEW character. According to Nerdist, she will be playing Michelle Toomes, daughter of the infamous villain The Vulture! Is she going to be a villain like her dad? Or on our boy, Tom’s, side? Or a little of both? Oooh, we can’t wait to find out.

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out on July 7th! Yassss.

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