Zendaya just surprised the newest CoverGirl rep in the cutest way ever

ICYMI, we’re not only ~huge~ Zendaya fans, but we’re also ~huge~ James Charles fans. Yup, James Charles as in CoverGirl’s first-ever male spokesperson. And Zendaya just surprised the newest CoverGirl rep in the cutest way ever, reported Cosmopolitan. In fact, we’re ~still~ smiling over the way the two finally met up IRL.

But before we show you the footage, we’ll give you the dl. The two had “known” each other on social media — namely, Instagram. If you know Zendaya, the Disney Channel star is plenty popular on IG, as is Charles.

A few months ago, Zendaya held a contest with CoverGirl via Instagram. Participants had to recreate her look using Super Sizer Fibers Mascara packaging.

Here’s what she’d posted.

A lot of people entered. (See Charles in the corner?!)

And Charles was stoked that Zendaya “liked” his Insta post — and handiwork, we’re sure! ~Super~ impressive, riiiight?!


Charles was only 17 (!) — and for the contest, the winner had to be 18.

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If we look at the silver lining, though, Zendaya now knew who Charles was. Score! Btw, if you don’t know, Charles is also a makeup artist, as you’ll see if you go through his IG photos. Warning: It’s addictive.

But back to the Charles-Zendaya love story, so to speak. As you know, Charles was announced as CoverGirl’s first-ever male spokesperson in October, and by none other than another familiar CoverGirl face: Katy Perry.

Soooooo awesome.

And since Zendaya is a CoverGirl spokesperson, too, she and Charles now have that in common also — in addition to their mad makeup skills.

So without further delay, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for — Zendaya surprising Charles IRL at Chelsea Piers in NYC on November 19th, courtesy of Cosmopolitan. CoverGirl planned the surprise meeting, and we’d say it def worked. (Btw, as you watch the three short clips below, keep in mind that Charles didn’t have his contacts in, so he couldn’t tell Zendaya was Zendaya until she got closer (!). Can you imagine?!)

Here, Zendaya’s about to approach Charles. Ready?!


It’s the cutest meeting ever, yes?! Here’s a closer look.


And here’s the finale, so to speak, Zendaya getting everyone excited and clapping.


But we know that wasn’t really the finale, as the two will probably remain friends for a long time. In fact, here’s the two of them recently. Awwww.

We’re sure we’ll see a lot more of both Zendaya and CoverGirl’s first-ever male spokesperson. Not only do they give us #makeupgoals, but #friendshipgoals, too, amirite?