We’re in awe of Zendaya’s response to a Twitter hater

If you Google Zendaya’s name with the words “perfect” and “response,” you’ll be presented with pages and pages of results. There was the time the young star eloquently reacted to Giuliana Rancic’s racist comment about her dreadlocks. When a comedian said she looks like she has an eating disorder, Zendaya (once again) responded with class and all the body positivity. Now, Zendaya is taking on a hater who attempted to criticize her appearance (and an entire sector of the population).

Just yesterday, a Twitter user took the time to caption one of Zendaya’s Snapchat photos with an unwarranted statement. The image features Zendaya with a fierce makeup look and flower crown. All in all, she looks like an angelic princess who definitely earned that flower crown. However, the Twitter user evidently didn’t agree. false

They wrote, “She looks like a gay dude wearing makeup.” This is, in no shape or form, an insult and luckily Zendaya picked up on that. She retweeted the hater’s message and replied, “Wait….is this supposed to be an insult cause they slay sooooooo…..” With this simple assertion, Zendaya had the situation handled. She even inspired her followers to openly embrace their beauty. false

Thank you for standing up for us,” wrote one follower who was grateful for Zendaya’s wise words. Zendaya’s on-point feedback: “Slay baby.” false

What we love most about Zendaya is that she takes every negative situation and uses it to spread light and positivity. That’s exactly why her comebacks continually leave us in awe.

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