Zendaya just responded to a truly heinous tweet and her fans rushed to support her

In addition to being a super-talented performer and amazing role model, Zendaya is also somewhat of an enforcer when it comes to cyberbullies. She never hesitates to take down a Twitter troll and, TBH, we love her for it.

There are a lot of awesome things about social media, but it also has an ugly side. We’ve all seen people behaving badly online. Some people seem to think that just because they’re sitting behind a computer, they can say cruel and despicable things without being held accountable. This is not okay. Especially when the ugly things being said cross a dangerous line.

We’re talking about rape, which is not a laughing matter under any circumstances. Unfortunately, a Twitter user who apparently has zero sense of decency or respect for women recently posted a tweet containing a rape reference targeted at Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Zendaya. The tweet, which has since been taken down, read, “If the purge was real who y’all raping?” above photos of the four celebs. The tweet itself was disappointing enough, but to make matters worse, it got retweeted at least 250 times.

Then Zendaya saw it, and being the queen that she is, she put a stop to things. Fast.

Zendaya responded with a tweet of her own, calling out the troll for his unacceptable behavior. false

Zendaya’s fans and the rest of the Twitterverse responded ASAP with overwhelming support. false false false false

While it’s always upsetting to see something so vile online, it restores our faith in humanity when people stand up for what’s right. Rape jokes are never funny. Never ever. Period. They objectify women and contribute to rape culture. Why do we have to keep saying this? It makes perfect sense. Three cheers to Zendaya for speaking out against this disgusting form of misogyny.

Then again, we knew she’d never let this kind of behavior fly on Twitter (or anywhere). Go, girl.

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