Zendaya wants all of us to be proactive about our sexual health

Zendaya recently appeared in a video for Glamour giving 19 facts about her 19-year-old self, but, being the amazing Zendaya, she also took it as an opportunity to drop some wisdom.Watch this on The Scene.

We learned some great tidbits about our favorite singer and actress, like that she hates chipped nail polish, that she prefers only butter on her pancakes, and that she wishes that every meal was pizza, but her final facts were a little more serious.

“I have learned that HIV and AIDS cases have risen in the U.S for the first time since 1993,” she says. “I just want all young people out there to know that it’s cool to know your status, it is cool to get tested, and it is okay to love yourself and appreciate yourself and protect yourself.”

Zendaya is a UN AIDS Ambassador, which means she’s always fighting to spread awareness about these issues, and will use every opportunity she has to keep her fans informed about the importance of their health. And, of course, she does it in a stylish and awesome way.

“So please!” she cries. “Go get tested!” And we certainly don’t want to let Zendaya down.

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